Accepted Papers

ARMS-CC-2015 Accepted Papers*

ID3: Paulo Moura, Spyros Voulgaris and Maarten van Steen, Using Performance Forecasting to Accelerate Elasticity 

ID5: Arani Bhattacharya, Ansuman Banerjee and Pradipta De, Parametric Analysis of Mobile Cloud Computing Frameworks using Simulation Modeling

ID6: Satish Kumar Sadasivam, Jasmine Madonna S and Prathiba Kumar, Bandwidth Aware Resource Optimization for SMT Processors

ID8: A. J. Rubio-Montero, Eduardo Huedo and Rafael Mayo-García, User-guided provisioning in federated clouds for distributed calculations

ID9: Himadri Sekhar Paul, Pubali Datta, Ansuman Banerjee and Arijit Mukherjee, Compute on the go: A case of mobile-cloud collaborative computing under mobility

ID11: Catalin Negru, Mariana Mocanu and Valentin Cristea, Impact of Virtual Machines Heterogeneity on Datacenter Power Consumption in Data-Intensive Applications

ID12: Lenos Vakanas, Stelios Sotiriadis and Euripides Petrakis, Implementing the Cloud Software to Data approach for OpenStack environments

ID13: Dan Marinescu, John Morrison and Ashkan Paya, Is Cloud Self-organization Feasible?

ID14: Beniamino Di Martino, Giuseppina Cretella and Antonio Esposito, Cloud Services composition through Cloud Patterns

ID15: Shadi Ibrahim, Tran Anh Phuong and Gabriel Antoniu, An Eye on the Elephant in the Wild: A Performance Evaluation of Hadoop’s Schedulers Under Failures

ID17: Volkan Tufekci and Can Ozturan, Partitioning graph databases by using access patterns

ID18: George Suciu, Ana Maria Sticlan, Cristina Butca, Alexandru Vulpe and Simona Halunga, Cloud Search Based Applications for Big Data – Challenges and Methodologies for Acceleration

*The speaker’s name is underlined in the list of accepted papers.